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Useful Tips To Book A Reliable Kigali Airport Transfer Service

Useful Tips to Book a Reliable Kigali Airport Transfer Service

Kigali International Airport is the main gateway for all travellers coming and moving out of Rwanda. After a long haul or before a long haul flight, most travellers need ground transport means that is convenient, safe and reliable. However, this does not come easy for travellers, there are criteria one must follow during the booking process to get a reliable Kigali airport transfer service.

Below are the Useful tips to book reliable Kigali Airport transfer services:

Book online

Online booking is the most convenient way of acquiring airport transfer services. This is also the only way to directly get involved in the arrangement. You can directly contact the car rental operator via email and reserve your booking right away. You can also easily send your flight details so that the services are readily available as soon as you land in Kigali.

Find a standard price

You are advised to contact three or more companies inquiring about the rates of their airport transfer services. The rates must include all expenses like road tolls, parking fees, day or night travel and government taxes. Once you get a fair price, try to know the integrity and status of the companies and then book with one with a great reputation.

Avoid mistakes

Due to the difference in time among countries, travellers frequently give the wrong travel time and date to travel service providers like car rentals. You are advised to be keen on the travel date and time to land in or fly out of Kigali. Any slight mistake would lead to a no show of airport transfer services at the time of landing or missing out on your flight if you are flying out of the country. Avoid mistakes when hiring a car.

Build a rapport with the chauffer

A driver always awaits you to transfer you from or to the airport. This is always a rush hour for most travellers as they either want to get to the hotel to rest after a long haul flight or hurry to catch a flight. They tend to forget to meet and greet the driver yet the chauffeur is the right person to guide and help so that the airport transfer is a success.

Share your contact

Share your contact number with the airport transfer provider during the booking process. The airport transfer provider will forward your contact to the driver to pick you up at the airport to easily find you in a busy and crowded place like Kigali International airport. This could be via a direct call or WhatsApp since Kigali airport has free WiFi around its terminal.

Get assistance from the driver

Allow the driver to guide and help you by leading you to the hotel, advising you on how to go about Kigali and also carrying your luggage during the pickup and drop off. Remember in these times, you are tired and you can misjudge a lot of things. Therefore, if you don’t want to lose anything or get inconvenienced let the chauffeur take control of your transfer. Enjoy the perfect Kigali Airport Transfer services with us today.

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