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Tips To Have A Safe Car Hire Experience In Rwanda.

Tips to Have a Safe Car Hire Experience in Rwanda.

When traveling overseas like in Rwanda, you are required to hire a car. Most tourist destinations in Rwanda like Volcanoes national park, Akagera National Park, Nyungwe forest, and Lake Kivu are situated in remote areas and you need a rental car that can enable drive in the fastest and safest way possible to reach there. To get a car rental in Rwanda, you have to go online, browse and then choose the operator likely to offer to you the best travel services. Here are tips to have a safe car hire experience in Rwanda.

Confirm and Inform:

Upon arrival at the airport confirm that the person waiting for belongs to the rental company you booked with. This is done by first asking for their name, identity card, and their driver’s license. Ensure to know the color, type, and number plate of the car. you should actually take pictures of it. Send your family or friend the pictures of the car and the driver. Then get into the car to begin your trip around Rwanda.

Use GPS and Safety Apps on your Mobile:

Turn on the GPS on your phone and send a live location to friends or family until you reach your preferred point. The GPS will ensure that you are taken to your destination and not to the wrong. The live location acts as a tracker to locate you in case you get lost. You must also have your family or friend’s number on speed dial to swiftly let them in case of any emergency

Go for busy routes:

Ensure to use main roads, and don’t take shortcuts whatsoever even if you are using a driver. Be persistent on this matter of taking safe and busier routes. Do not even get carried out at night keep using the busy routes. The proverb better late than never should guide you.

Safety in the rental car:

Ensure to know not to have too many drinks as you might cause an accident in case you are self driving or you might be taken advantage of if you are using a driver. keep yourself sober in times when traveling. You should also keep your valuables and cash out of reach to avoid attracting thieves to your car.

Be Careful:

When using a car hire and a driver, avoid having a personal conversation with him or even on the phone if you are talking to your friends or family. You are pass out personal information unaware yet it might be used to dupe you. Your financial background and personal profile should be kept a secret from your driver. just let him know your name and where you are from. Have a conservation about Rwanda and its exciting attractions.

When you put the 5 tips to have a safe car hire experience in Rwanda into consideration, you will have a safe car rental experience in Rwanda. From a broad perspective, car rentals are safe and secure. There are no or few instances where a traveler using them has been threatened safety-wise. The tips are for just in case there is a safety-threatening situation.

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