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Things To Consider As You Rent A Car Rwanda

Things to consider as you Rent a car Rwanda

“A warm welcome” That’s the greeting you can also get from a website when you are surprisingly on the opposite of the Rwanda car rental industry. U actually realize that there is a huge gap between what suppliers know to what clients actually know. Here are the things to look at when choosing to Rent a car Rwanda.

It of a surprise that many clients try to find the lowest rate possible, but in most cases, it’s not the “real deal” that the clients negotiate for, what is evident in Rwanda car rental is most certainly not what one gets. Most websites say no hidden costs but when costs are added up, you actually pay more for your rental than you thought.

So you get to talk about this and look a bit deeper, you ask the first company if their rate includes VAT and if they have a claim handling fee if their rate actually doesn’t include VAT but the extras do not. Rent a car Rwanda with us.

So that makes you think even more, over a five-day period you will have lost a bigger amount of money, now imagine if the car was bigger or the rental period is 25 days. As clients, we see a daily rate and think wow that’s low, but all rental companies have a set amount that they can sell out at in order to be productive. If you looked close enough you would have noticed that you are paying more for the same type of car but the engine sizes differed, you’re actually going to pay more for a car that cost less to buy.

Clever marketing? Not really for you at this stage, when you enter an agreement with a client, it should be transparent and the client should know all charges before he/she pays for that rental car in Rwanda It’s the honest way to do business.

Another point of your concern is the fact that the first company wants payment in advance while the second one is when you collect the car, is it because they are not transparent and want your money upfront so you do not search anymore? Or is it to inject cash into their company to increase their buying power so they can get a better deal, if it’s the latter then you are pretty sure these deals are not been filtered through to clients.

So ultimately how do you find a good company and how do you know that they are reputable?

Simple: always and I mean always check the insurance coverage and other related issues, never look at your rate per day and think it’s cheap, and always add all costs up, this includes a worst-case scenario, asking the question about what happens when you are involved in an accident, and lastly make sure that the consultant you deal with cares more about your needs than making a buck.

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