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Rwanda Car Rental Tips To Save You Money

Rwanda Car Rental Tips to Save You Money

You wish to book a car hire in Rwanda on your next vacation but you have a fixed budget. Below are the Rwanda Car Rental tips to save you some money.

Booking in advance; some Rwanda car hire companies at the major tourist destinations have reduced their fleets radically in the wake of the slump, this also means they have been running out of vehicles at peak times. It’s important you book your car well in advance rather than arriving at the airport and risking higher prices or even worse or not having any car at all.

Don’t you ever get tricked into extras when you arrive; In case you have booked the car in advance and you arrive at the airport, don’t get chatted into any extras that are not needed. Many Rwanda car rental companies will pressure you into signing up for extras when you pick the car up, as you seem tired and annoyed after the flight and check-in. When you get to book in advance, just untick the extras you know you don’t need.

Comparing the cars; when looking for the best deal on a Rwanda Car Rental, you can’t make the best comparison between offers on different websites because few car hire companies promise the exact model you will get when you arrive at the airport. You are told the size of the car, the number of doors, the type of fuel, and the air conditioning. In order to get the best deal, research the full details of the contract and add in any extra costs yourself.

Looking out for the excess waiver; many companies that claim to be selling you the car at a fully inclusive price will mostly don’t include the cost of an excess waiver. This is an extra premium that you have to pay, usually locally so as to avoid being liable for the first money of any repair bill. In most cases, the amount of the excess and the premium needed varies extremely. In case you hire frequently it might be better to look for a car with a relatively low excess and take the risk. Or the other option is by buying an independent insurance policy.

The second driver charges; some the people like sharing the driving when hiring a car in Rwanda, but unless you check when booking, you might find you have to pay a heavy premium for a second driver. The age of the driver will also affect the premium and most prices are based on drivers aged 25 to 75. Outside these ages, you might pay more or you may even be refused to drive the car.

Fuel; Always don’t pay for a full tank in advance, this is a service that is offered at the pickup desk, and get to pay a premium for the fuel and waste a lot when you return the vehicle.  You should always refuel the car that has been supplied with a full tank just before you return it or otherwise you will find a heavy refueling charge being added to your credit card. Some of the companies will give you a vehicle with an empty tank and this means that you won’t take up the charges, but you have to fill it up as soon as you leave the airport. Always be sure that unlimited mileage is included in the deal when you book, or that the additional mileage charges are sensible and will not bump up your bill too much.

The Damage; in case you hire a car in Rwanda, and check it very well for scratches or dents that you did not cause. Always make sure the salesperson takes note of any damage you point out if it has not already been listed. You should always be given a copy of the document indicating the pre-existing damage. It might be worth taking photos of the car when you pick it just in case.

The speeding Fines; Many of the local authorities don’t follow you after you have left the country but the car hire company will charge a handling fee which can be a heavy add-on to your bill months after. The paperwork will not be sent and appealing can be a drawn-out process, so it’s worth being on your guard.

Always pay in advance; In case you pay with your card abroad, depending on which Hire Company you have gone through, they might charge their own interpretation of exchange rate conversion. For this reason, it’s worth it that you pay in advance, rather than risking heavy conversion charges which you will be powerless at the time to avoid. In case this happens when you are away, always keep the receipts and send the company a breakdown of any losses and obtain a refund.

Checking the specs; always check the specification if it’s the same as what you booked before signing. Make sure that the car on your Rwanda Car Rental is as described and anything extra you have requested is also included. Always have your booking confirmation documents at hand to verify your statements.

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