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What To Do When Picking Up A Rental Car

What to Do When Picking up a Rental Car

Picking up a rental car by a traveller from a rental operator is one of the most critical processes of hiring a car in Rwanda. Pickups are normally done at the Kigali International Airport, lodges and hotel or any popular tourist spot in Rwanda.  Some rental operators do it free of charge as an added incentive while others charge a fee because there are expenses involved like fuel and time.

The process of car rental pickup is not complex and does not consume a lot of time. It is something that should not worry a traveller but it is something important to do in the right way. It is pivotal in having a successful and convenient car rental experience in Rwanda.

Let’s take you through the dos of picking up a rental car in Rwanda.

Build a rapport with the car rental personnel

It is within human ethics to exchange pleasantries when you meet a person you wish to do business with. Make introductions to gain the trust of the rental staff to happily guide you on how to go about your car rental experience.

Check for the dents and damages on the vehicle

When you reach the vehicle, inspect it and check for the scratches, faults and damages on the car body, mirrors, windows and interior of the car. Report to the rental staff if you see any dent or damage and go the extra mile to take pictures of the faults. By doing this, you’re safeguarding yourself from being blamed for the dents and damages that are not of your own causing.

Get familiar with the car

Request the rental company staff to tutor you on how the vehicle operates right from the driving system, lighting, wipes, air condition, fuel consumption to the mechanical system. You should also test drive the car to ascertain whether it is in the right condition for a long-distance trip.

Read and sign the car rental contract

Don’t overlook the long black and white document because it is the actual guide on how to use the rental vehicle. Cross every T and put every dot on the car rental contract and request clarity where you have not understood.  Insurance must be one of the topics to take a keen eye on and ask how it works.

Get a briefing about the traffic and road laws in Rwanda

Request the rental staff to tutor you about the major traffic laws on-road and the nature of driving. This will help you not to go on the wrong side of the law and also to know what to expect on the road.  The rental staff should also render travel information like the location of the parks, best accommodation to stay, the restaurants to eat and how to interact with people. Enjoy the best Car rental Rwanda services in Kigali with hire a car Rwanda.

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