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+250 726 065 210 KN 5 Road, Airport Road

We  give you the best chance to tour Rwanda in comfort. Find an Affordable Rental Vehicle for self drive in Rwanda. Hire a car Rwanda provides the best services for Car Hire in Kigali and other car rental services. Rent a Car with us and experience Rwanda’s car hire options whether on a self drive safari or driver-guided tour with our knowledgeable driver/tour guides.

Hiring one of our 4×4 cars for self drive in Rwanda will give you the chance to drive yourself around in Rwanda while traveling at your pace. Contact us for an amazing car rental experience in Rwanda today!. Our rental cars range from Sedan cars to 4×4 cars, Toyota prado Landcruisers to Safari cars and buses for group tours guided by our experienced driver guides.

Car Hire in KigaliCar Hire in Kigali

Rent a 4×4 car in Rwanda for self drive in Rwanda has never been easy, Hire a car Rwanda  From our reliable Self drive Car rental fleet of the best 4×4 cars available for hire in Kigali, simply call us on +250 726 065 210 and get your rental to any destination in and Out of Rwanda. We compare the best rental brands in Kigali so that you save on your next vehicle hire. Car hire, rooftop tent rentals , luxury and 4×4 vehicles are available for rental.

Rent a Car Rwanda is the leading Car Hire, self drive, 4×4 car rental company in Rwanda. Rwanda Car Hire in Kigali by simply calling us on +250 726 065 210 The ultimate Car rental, Self Drive with the great 4X4 Toyota Land cruiser.

Looking for 4×4 car hire in Kigali, self drive 4×4 car hire from Kigali International Airport? Find Budget car rental 4×4 jeeps for Self Drive in Rwanda with us today. Hire a car Rwanda offers 4×4 car rentals in Kigali with camping gear, rooftop tents and camping gears to the people  who are looking for camping trips in Rwanda.

Is It necessary to hire a 4×4 car in Rwanda?

4×4 (4wd) vehicles are not necessary, but they do provide you with far more security, convenience, and opportunities, especially during the winter seasons. If you’re carrying a lot of luggage, then the boot of a 4×4 will definitely be able to swallow up more bags than a regular-sized vehicle. If you have a craving for some off-the-beaten-path adventure, then a 4×4 is definitely necessary for driving on any of Rwanda’s mountain roads. Taking a round trip during winter means that you may need to drive through heavily snow-covered areas and, as such, a 4×4 would be far better capable at traversing any thick snow you may need to travel through.
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