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Tips For Travelling In Rwanda During Covid-19

Tips for Travelling in Rwanda during Covid-19

The outbreak of covid-19 changed a lot of things in the world and one of them was travelling in Rwanda. Gone are the days when travelling in Rwanda was liberal when the only travel guidelines were the conventional ones. However, things have changed, new guidelines have been formulated for the good of people (travellers) and the nation. The guidelines were enacted to prevent the spread of covid-19 which is a deadly scourge that has ended lives in the past three years.

The standard operating procedures have been invented for people to enjoy Rwanda and its top tourist attractions.  Rwanda is one of the top tourism destinations in the whole world, travellers have been missing out a lot. Now things have started opening up and travellers are gearing to visit Rwanda either on a self drive safari or a guided tour. To make them enjoy their travel around the land of a thousand hills without comprising the laws set and their health, we have come up with some of the travel tips to heed during this global pandemic.

Get Tested before Travelling in Rwanda

Every international traveller must present a negative COVID-19 certificate. The only accepted test is a SARS-CoV2 Real Time Polymerase (RT-PCR) performed within 72 hours before departure to Rwanda. All other forms of COVID-19 tests are not permitted. No traveller is allowed into Rwanda without a negative covid-19 certificate. In case you test positive postpone your travel to Rwanda for some good days to allow you to recover from coronavirus. You should then go back to test until you test negative.

Get a covid-19 Jab

Travellers are advised to vaccinate themselves against covid-19. The covid-19 vaccine helps to boost immunity so that you can withstand the effects of the virus. The Vaccine rollout is free worldwide and some of the vaccines to take include Astra Zena, Johnson Johnson, Pfizer and Moderna. Presentation of the covid-19 vaccination certificate is not yet mandatory in Rwanda but it is for your benefit to protect yourself from the virus.

Wear a mask and regularly sanitize

One of the first standard operating procedures stipulated by The World Health Organisation was to wear a mask and regularly sanitize. The covid-19 rapidly spread through body fluids like saliva that comes with the mouth and a mask does prevent that. Sanitiser that contains alcohol kills the virus so people are advised to wash their hands whenever they make contact with other people or touch surfaces that are within reach to everyone. 

Keep a social distance

When you are in overcrowded places like the Kigali international airport, restaurant, supermarket and park headquarters try as much as possible to distance yourself from other people.

Avoid visiting crowded tourism destinations

You need to comprise your travel needs in this covid-19 period to have a safe travel experience in Rwanda. Go to places that don’t pull a massive crowd. Places like Volcanoes National Park, Akagera National Park and Nyungwe national park are advised to visit. They are vast enough to accommodate people without getting into close contact.

Rent a car in Rwanda

Since covid-19 is spread through contact with other people, travellers are advised to rent a car in Rwanda. Rwanda car rental offers privacy, reliance and convenience which a traveller needs on a Rwanda safari. You can either self drive Rwanda or hire a car with a drive to explore the different national parks and other tourist sites.

Purchase a health insurance

Covid-19 is viral; it spreads like wildfire. You cannot be sure that you will not contract it on your safari trip to Rwanda. To safeguard yourself from the huge expenses you might incur treating the virus in a foreign country, you are advised to get health insurance from your insurance company.

The restrictions and guidelines stipulated for travelling in Rwanda during this pandemic are not strict, they are rules one can easily adhere to and also have a good time. Therefore, come to Rwanda for self drive safari or for classic safari tours to explore the rare treasures hidden in the hills of this amazing country.

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