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Essential Items To Carry For Self Drive In Rwanda

Essential Items To Carry For Self Drive in Rwanda

Self Drive in Rwanda is when a traveler hires a car and travels on his own around different tourist destinations in Rwanda which comprises national game parks, wildlife reserves and sanctuaries, historical and cultural sites, lakes and rivers as well as resorts. Traveling by yourself gives you the freedom to discover natural beauties in Rwanda at large. As you are preparing for a self drive safari in Rwanda, below is the list of this to carry along with you.

Water and the oil lubricant; Rwanda has a warm climate which means it receives some hot spells. when this happens, the traveler needs to have water for cooling up the engine in case it heats and also the oil since the engine in case it overheats and also oil since the engine uses lots of energy to run and thereby friction too much inside, oil is needed for lubrication and reducing the friction.

The basic mechanic tools; include Jake and the spanner, these tools help the traveler in situations of replacing the damaged tire in case of any puncture. The spanner helps in tightening up any loose part of the car.

The first Aid box; is a must to have with the first aid tools as these help travelers in treating themselves in case of any minor injuries while driving. The box should have some basic medic items like the bandage, blade, methanol spirit, cotton, plasters, and painkillers.

Fire extinguisher; this is very vital since you never know what might happen on the way, you might find a fire outbreak in the car and you will need to put it out.

The Insurance cover; the rental company should have comprehensive insurance that covers the damages for the third-party damages as well as the physical damages of the rental car.

Below are the personal items to carry for the Self Drive in Rwanda.

Get enough clothes; as you go for the self drive safari in Rwanda, you should carry enough clothes for the trip as sometimes you might not get time for laundry. There are laundry services at the lodges but come with a fee. You should carry light clothes due to the hot climate of Rwanda but these shouldn’t be so skimpy in order to respect the culture of Rwanda. Remember to carry a coat for the cold weather in the evening and a rain jacket in case it rains. Carry sunglasses and a hut for sunny days.

Drinking water and snacks; self-driving involves moving for long distances and most places that lead to a national park or other tourist destinations are remote whereby finding a decent snack or drinking water is a challenge. It’s good for the traveler to carry some snacks and drink water to get rid of minor anger and dehydration while driving before the main meal sessions reach. Drinking water is so important to avoid dehydration that may be caused by the hot climate of Rwanda.

Insect repellent and jellies; the country is a tropical country that harbors very many insects so you have to carry insect repellent to avoid insect bites and jelly, it’s used to control and protect your skin from sunburns.

Identity Card and the driving permit; one should always carry a driving permit when driving in Rwanda to avoid criminal offenses. There are always traffic officers alongside the roads checking for valid driving licenses. It’s vital to carry an identity card which may be a national identity card or passport so that you easily identify yourself.

An emergency number and Mobile phone; carry a cell phone for easy communication with the car rental company in case of any problem or with family to know about your safety in Rwanda. Have an emergency number for the police and also for the health centers.

GPS (Grind position system device); the traveler’s map and the baby seat in case you are traveling with a young one. The GPS and the maps help in identifying the bearings and the routes that lead to the tourism destinations you are intending to tour. These should be well-updated.

The Medication; it’s vital for everyone to carry some basic medications like painkillers and orals. You should also be immunized against yellow fever it’s best if you get agreed malaria tablets.

Always carry extra money on your Self Drive in Rwanda; even though you might have prepaid your car rental, accommodation, and tourism activities fees, you are supposed to carry extra money to take care of other needs and emergencies.

Personal travel insurance; when you are traveling, it’s also important for you to acquire travel insurance to protect her/ him from any unforeseen disasters that may happen. For instance, in case one gets an accident, the insurance will always be there to cover his/her treatment bills.

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