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Our service delivery is one of the first growing experiences in the tourism industry. Today, there is a lot of trust among each other and therefore it is easy to rent cars out. Rwanda is now a service-driven country and since tourism is one of the first growing industries in the country. Get the best Rwanda car hire experience when hiring vehicles with us.

We always make the best effort to make sure that our clients are very happy with the cars we hire to them. Our wonderful team of reservation managers are always ready to assist any client book the best car in Rwanda; the managers are well-trained and they answer very fast.

Rwanda Car RentalOur company is equipped with the best resources: we have a fleet of cars which are close to 37 cars, all ready to offer services to our clients. Although our fleet is really extensive; all our cars are well maintained and we keep on looking for a way on how to upgrade and keep them with the latest trends in the industry.

Each car is equipped with all the amenities that a basic car has in place. Whether you are looking for a Toyota super custom, Toyota extended safari land cruiser, Toyota RAV4, Range Rover sports cars and all other luxury cars that are common in East Africa; we have them in our store.

Recently, we were challenged by a certain school which wanted to hire a car from us but in our stock, we have had coasters or cars which could carry more than 20 people.

Because of that challenge by that experience and now, we have 6 coasters ready to take your school to any destination in Rwanda.

Our company started from a humble beginning, we started with nothing but hope. However, because of our trust and hard work we have seen the company being blessed every day and we are proud to say that we understand every customers’ needs.

Rwanda Car RentalOur company has been able to provide services to one individual to a group of clients wanting to rent a car in Rwanda. We are guaranteed to offer you the best Rwanda Car Hire Experience.

Our prices have been regulated and we designed to ensure that everyone with a need of car in Rwanda is fully taken care of. I believe that we are still in our infantry days of providing this service and more is yet to come because of the ongoing innovation going on in the sector however our company is ready for the future. In case you need the best car services. I kindly suggest renting your car in Rwanda from our company.

Safari Car Rental.

We have the best safari cars for all your needs. Our cars are well customized to be offered the best services. There are so many reasons why people rent cars in Rwanda and some of them include: self drive around the Kigali, wedding purposes, business purposes, tourism or safari purposes, and others. Safaris and transport always go hand-in-hand, there is no way you can visit different national parks in Rwanda without using cars.

It is possible to fly to different national park however the most common means of transport to national parks in Rwanda is road transport. Not every car is fit for your safari journey and at hire a car Rwanda, we understand that concept and that’s why we have the best fleet of cars that range from 4×4 extended Landcruiser, Toyota land cruisers,  super custom cars, Toyota RAV4 and other known safari cars mostly used in East Africa.

You might be surprised that each country has different sorts of cars used for tourism; in East African countries, probably because of the distance and road conditions to different national parks, 4×4 cars are always preferred.

Come and be part of our exciting journey by hiring the best safari cars in Rwanda from us. You might be wondering why do I really need to hire a safari car. Here are some of the reasons why you need to hire safari cars in Rwanda:

Game Drive to Akagera National Park.

The game drive experience in Akagera National Park is one of the most common activities that are participated in once you visit Akagera National Park. The park is blessed with several species of wildlife. Take a self-drive safari car experience or hire a safari car with a chauffeur/driver with us.

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