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Our  services are now fully operational . we offer the best cars with or without a driver There has been an increased demand for 4×4 cars among our clients because of the several benefits that 4×4 cars have over non-4×4 cars. It is said that 4×4 cars can persevere to any car road conditions, and given our nature of roads and conditions especially during the rainy seasons; people these days prefer 4×4 cars.

Our Car Hire Rwanda booking process is reliable, fast, easy, convenient and hustle free. Enquire & save for the lowest  Rwanda car hire price. We have a Kigali airport car hire delivery service for your convenience. One of our drivers would deliver the vehicle to you at Kigali airport on your arrival. Explore and discover the land of a thousand hills with its rolling hills and its expansive tea plantations in a Rwanda car rental from Hire a car. From compact 4×4 Toyota Rav4, Prado Landcruisers to 4×4 minivans, enjoy the freedom of a self drive. Should you require any type of car, we will be able to get you the best 4×4 cars in Kigali. Whether you choose to hire with or without a driver, expect the best experience from us

4x4 Car Rental RwandaOur company is based on a simple principal of listening to our clients, we believe that without the existence of clients; our company couldn’t survive these many years however due to the fact we always listen and are willing to make any adjustment; we have been able to satisfy our clients’ needs.

In the first place, we never had 4×4 cars because of the price that are attached to them during the buying process however we can happily say that we now have an extensive fleet of 4×4 car which can be hired for any purpose. Although 4×4 cars are mostly used in tourism given the nature of the terrain of various destinations, we do have other 4×4 cars to satisfy the need of someone who just wants to drive around Kigali on a weekend or during any day.
If you want to drive past Rwanda to other neighboring countries of Congo, Tanzania, and Uganda; our 4×4 cars shall offer you the best journey. Consider hiring 4×4 cars from us.

Our 4×4 Car Rental fleet

Before you even contact us for your car hiring needs, you might be wondering what type of cars that we have in our fleet. Our fleet keeps on growing every single month; we have made it a mandate to always purchase cars on a monthly basis and this have kept our fleet to increase day by day. In our fleet, we have 4×4 Toyota landcruiser Tx, 4×4 Toyota landcruiser V8, 4X4 Toyota extended landcruiser-mostly used for safaris,4×4 Toyota super custom, 4×4 Toyota Rav 4 and other luxury brands like range rover sport.

Processing of hiring a car

Our  process is simple. You come to our office with a valid passport and driving permit-if you are going to hire a car on a self drive Rwanda option and then we shall discuss the terms and conditions. Later on, you will be offered your car according to the agreement signed.
Apart from 4×4 car rental rwanda services, our company also provides rwanda car hire, rwanda car rental, kigali airport transfer, car hire rwanda, car rental rwanda, and 4×4 car hire rwanda services
For an effective 4×4 car rental Rwanda process; rent a car from hire a car Rwanda.

Our friend service is one of the cheapest service provided by our company. Hire a car Rwanda knows that to be competitive in the market; you need to offer the cheapest services with a good customer care. We have learnt this over the years of doing this same business. In the first place, our prices were a bit high but after several consideration; we reduced the prices to half the original price. During your 4×4 car hire Rwanda experience, you shall be sure of the best customer care services.

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