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Choosing The Best Airport Pickup Company In Rwanda

Choosing the best airport pickup company in Rwanda

Kigali International airport is the biggest international airport in Rwanda commanding a lot of Air traffic. All international flights that connect to different parts of the world start from Kigali International Airport. If you are planning to use the airport at one point in time, there must be a solution to your pickup need.

If you are a Rwandan returning from a trip back home, that might be easy because at least one of your family members or a close friend-someone that truly cares about you shall always pick you up at the airport, I mean you can get stranded that there is no one to pick you up however if you are foreign national coming to Rwanda for various reasons like gorilla trekking, Visiting Akagera National Park, or for purpose of business; chances are that there is no one to pick you up at the airport unless you notify someone.

If you coming for an adventurous trip, it might be easy to find someone to pick you up because in most cases, the very tour company that designed your itinerary normally takes charge to pick you up at the airport.

If you are planning to do things by yourself “Do-it-yourself”, there is always no one to pick you up unless you get that person for yourself; if you know that you in such a situation, the best thing would be to look for a car rental company that offers pickup services. How do you really choose the best car rental company for your airport pick up services? Here are some of the tips to consider:

Research about the company you have shortlisted.

I know that part of your plans shall be to go to the internet and make a list of several car rental companies in Rwanda. Don’t stress yourself by going for a deep search to see every little detail about a particular company. Simple shortlist any that you have come across like 5 of them. This is a very important step because you have randomly selected the samples.

Now after that, it is time to see who is who by checking them over the internet. My first recommendation is to search and see if the company has a website; if it does, that is a plus. You might say that it is completely unfair to judge a company that doesn’t have an online presence; moreover, most of the companies which founded before the technological boom don’t have websites.

That might be practically true but it doesn’t take away the first that a company with a website portrays seriousness as well as professionalism about your business. Don’t stop on verifying that the companies have website-look through the company’s social platforms-Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, to see how the company engages the public or those that ask the company questions.

This shall surely tell you something about the character at the company-that invisible force that makes them wake up every day for work. Check through the online reviews to hear the feedback of their clients. If the feedback is negative, check out to see how the company handled the situation. All those shall surely give you a clue of your next kigali airport pickup company.

Know the person that is going to pick you up.

Once you have made up your mind to consider a particular airport pickup company in Rwanda, make sure you know the name of the driver that is going to pick you up. If there are unbearable situations that lead to the change of the driver, you have to get a notification from the company earlier on. As soon as you meet the driver, don’t keep dumb. Just start a conversation and verify to see if that’s the real person that they were telling you. Ask security questions about the company and the destination to know where you are going.

Know your final destination.

Are you sleeping in the hotel? Are you going to sleep at your friend’s residence? Or just at the company’s headquarters or in some restaurant and then you proceed later on with the journey. Just know where you are going and make sure you have at least the contact detail of someone in your final destination such that you call them to notify them that you are coming.

Choosing the best airport pickup company in Rwanda is not an easy task and for that reason, I highly recommend hire a car Rwanda, they offer the best professional services as regards to airport pickups. Send them a message, call them or simply send them an SMS; they shall surely offer the best service.
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