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Advice For Hiring A Self Drive Rental In Rwanda

Advice for Hiring a Self Drive Rental in Rwanda

Hiring a car for self drive in Rwanda is a life-saving venture. Different tourists have different travel purposes and also tastes and preferences. We offer a variety of vehicles to travel by while touring the land of a thousand hills.  Travellers can choose a car that they are comfortable travelling by hence having an exciting and peaceful road trip.

However, you need to seek advice on hiring a self drive rental Rwanda to get the most out of your road trip especially if you are a first time traveller.

Hire a car from a reputable rental operator

Don’t just hire a car from any tom, dick and harry, you come across. Take your time make research and find out rental operators that are competent and have been in the game for such a long time. A well established rental operator can advise you on the best vehicle for self drive Rwanda and also renders all the necessary travel information. Reputable rental operators are also trustworthy; they cannot kill a name they have built for ages by doing anything shady. TripAdvisor is one platform to find competent and reputable car rental companies in Rwanda.

Hire a car that serves travel needs and is affordable at the same time.

Rwanda self drive experiences are enjoyed by hiring a 4×4 vehicle (four-wheel-drive car) because you have to travel on the gravel roads found in the remote areas and national parks of Rwanda. You should also hire a car for self drive that is economical in both the rate and fuel consumption. A Toyota Rav4 or Land cruiser Prado is sufficient if you are travelling as a couple.

Ensure the rental vehicle has insurance

Insurance is the security that protects the hirer from heavy liabilities for damages caused due to unforeseen calamities like car accidents and theft. Make sure to ask the rental operator about their car rental insurance. It must be comprehensive in the sense that it covers both third party, theft and collision damage waiver.

Ask the rental operator for the breakdown of the car rental cost

The breakdown of the cost of the car rental Rwanda will enable you to know the expenses you are going or are likely to incur. You will be able to have a well-planned budget car rental experience. More so, the breakdown of the cost of the car rental spills out if there are any hidden costs like drop off and pick up fees, limited mileage fees, taxes and many more.

Rent a car with no restrictions

Restrictions like limited mileage or charge per kilometre, limited driver tend to complicate the traveller’s self drive trip. This is because you are not free to drive anywhere you wish to go yet road trips are enjoyed by travelling and exploring places that are off-road and off the grid.

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