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A Guide To Booking A Rental Car From Kigali Airport

A guide to booking a rental car from Kigali Airport

This guide to booking a rental car from Kigali Airport can help you to plan or your car rental in Rwanda the proper way.

Do’s and Don’ts of reserving a car

Reserve beforehand, at a very minimum of 3 months prior to your travel period.

Book direct from the car rental website. There is a huge amount of amount saved when you bypass third parties such as Kayak,, and You will dodge the commission fees and get the exact rate of hiring a car in Rwanda.

Ensure to pay beforehand. Normally rental companies have a tendency of offering clients a discount to those who wish to pay ahead of their travel period.

Reserve the right car.  If you are a group of four, you don’t need to hire an economy car like a Rav4.  You are required to book a big vehicle such as a land cruiser v8 which has enough space for you and your luggage.

In case you wish to change a rental car, always upgrade to a full-size car. you might have booked a Toyota Rav4 instead of going for a Toyota Premio go for a land cruiser Prado. When you go for an upgrade, you will add up a small amount of money to the initial amount which is contrary to when you downgrade. You might find out that no refund will be made to you.

What to expect when picking up the car

When you touch base at Kigali international airport exercise patience. First of all, there are normally lots of people around the airport, it will take you some minutes to find the car rental staff waiting for you. Afterward, he will have to lead to the car to inspect, read and sign the car rental contract. All the aforementioned process requires some patience especially when you are from taking a long-haul flight. Rental Car from Kigali Airport is that simple.

Prepare some questions for the car rental staff. For instance, what needs to be done in case of an accident, the insurance cover, kilometer coverage, tips for driving in Rwanda, the late return penalties, and so on.

Inspect the car before starting your journey. It is a great idea to physically check out the vehicle to see whether it has some faults, damages, or dents. Take an extra step to take pictures of the car. In case they are some issues with the car let the car rental staff sign the agreement to acknowledge them.

Be careful when making the payment. Normally the Rwanda car rental companies have two payment options cash and electronic transfer. Most times, the cash payment is made at the car pickup moment, so ensure that the person who delivers the car shows you his identity card to get to know him, and also a receipt must be issued after the payment is made. This combats you from any ill-fated shenanigans the rental company might pull off when you return from your trip.

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