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6 Cheapest Ways To Get Car Hire Services

6 Cheapest Ways to Get Car Hire Services

Money is a limited resource, people strive to save on every expense they spend on it. Car hire services, travellers go miles to find cheap and affordable transport means. Below are the 6 cheapest ways to get car hire services.

Omit Kigali International Airport

Ensure that you don’t hire a car at Kigali International Airport. Find car rental services from a local operator in Kigali city. Car hire services at the airport are quite expensive compared to the ones away from it. Normally the ones at the airport charge per hour while Kigali Car Rentals offer per day rates which seem to be cheaper in the long run

Shop around the internet

There are lots of Rwanda car rental operators on the internet and these offer different car hire rates.  Inquiry from several rental companies, compare their prices and choose the one with affordable rates but with standard services.

Look for cheap car rental operators

Different car rental companies set out standards and prices for their travel services. The well-established companies tend to be expensive due to the high demand for their services. The infant ones offer competitive car hire rates because they want to attract customers to their brand. We advise you to look for young rental companies that will provide you with cheap and affordable car rental rates.

Opt for a budget vehicle

Rwanda car rental companies have a large fleet of cars for hire with different specifications and price rates. Go for a rental car that is cheap but can best serve your travel purpose. For instance, a Toyota Rav4 would be ideal for a couple doing a Rwanda self drive safari other than going for a Toyota land cruiser which is costlier. Also, the fuel consumption of a rav4 is economical.

Stick to one rental operator

If you are a frequent car rental user, stick to one rental operator. Returning to the car rental operator you have ever used before, builds a good relationship between you and the operator. A good rapport enables you to get car rental services at a discounted price.  enjoy the best Rwanda car rental with hire a car Rwanda.

Negotiate for an affordable rate

Don’t settle for the first-rate given to you by the car hire company. Make an effort to request a cut down of the rate. The rates tagged on the websites are market prices, there is a reserved price an operator is willing to offer to the hirer once he/she bargains.

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