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4 Tips To Select The Right Rental Car

4 Tips to Select The Right Rental Car

Renting a car is not easy as many people would think. It would be easy for experienced travellers since they have been in such a situation before but not for the first timers. Not every car you come across may serve the needs and purpose of your travel. Different rental cars suit different travel needs and purposes. Therefore, you have to seek advice on the best vehicle to hire for a self drive. The following are the 4 tips to select the right rental car in Rwanda. Enjoy the best car hire services when you rent with our company

Define Your Needs

Car rental operators have a wide range of vehicles for hire to meet the needs of different kinds of customers. They have vehicles for self drive safaris, weddings, city tours, airport transfers, business conferences and other engagements. You should inform the rental company what kind of travel experience you are going to engage in; they will advise accordingly. For instance; Rwanda self drive travellers are normally given 4×4 vehicles with a popup roof to enjoy their game viewing experience in Akagera National Park.

Size Matters

The size of the vehicle matters a lot when selecting the right rental car in Rwanda. A couple would be wrong to rent a van. The right car for two people is a compact car like a Toyota rav4. A van is meant for a group of people 5-9. Remember sometimes the size of the car is a determinant of the rental price. Why could you pay more for a van if you’re a couple yet there is a cheap option of a Toyota rav4 which best suits your travel needs. Size is one of the tips to select the right rental car.

Do Your Research

When you get to know your travel needs and the size of the car, the next step is to know what the car rental package entails. Go through the terms and conditions of renting a car from the chosen car hire operator. The rental terms are found on the website. If not found, request the contract from the operator. Take a keen eye on the liabilities, travel restrictions, late penalties and fines, rental usage like an extra driver, cross border rental and many more. This enables you to know whether the terms of renting a car from a certain company are favourable or not. If they are not favourable, look for another car rental operator with friendly terms.

Purchase Insurance

Although rental companies have insurance cover for their vehicle, it is wise to buy insurance to cover liabilities that are not covered in the insurance policy of the rental. In most cases, damages below 50 dollars are not covered in the vehicle insurance. So purchase the insurance for those little damages to fully get covered.  This will give you peace of mind on your self drive safari Rwanda.

In conclusion, we advise considering the 4 above tips to select the right rental car in Rwanda. Adhering to the above tips will enable you to acquire a rental vehicle that suits your travel needs and purpose thus having an exciting and enjoyable self drive trip in Rwanda. Rent a car with hire a car Rwanda.

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